What is the Premier Network of Financial Advisors®?

Your choice to work with an advisor who is part of the Premier Network of Financial Advisors® is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and guidance based on your needs and goals. We are not bound to any insurance or investment companies. We are an independent financial services firm, but we are not alone. Your advisor is part of a large branch called Premier Wealth Management® and we also utilize a broker-dealer called Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. These organizations provide a variety of services, including processing investment business, marketing assistance, and practice management. In addition, they are responsible for regulatory compliance oversight and adherence to securities laws.



Your Advisor

Your advisor is an independent financial professional who provides financial guidance to clients.

One of the benefits of working with a representative who is part of the Premier Network of Financial Advisors® is the opportunity to closely interact with an advisor who is part of something bigger – a family of other independent financial professionals who offer a wide variety of practice models and experience upon which they can draw to expand their knowledge base and provide more investment solutions for their clients.

Premier Wealth Management, Inc.

Premier Wealth Management® is an independent organization who supports and supervises financial professionals.

As an enterprise group office and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction, Premier Wealth Management®’s role is to support financial professionals through education, training, compliance support, business coaching programs and product training. You can feel confident that your financial professional is acting in your best interest and offering only investment products and services that he or she believes are best suited to help meet your financial objectives and goals.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

Cambridge Investment Research is an independent broker-dealer that processes the business of financial professionals and holds responsibility for regulatory compliance oversight and adherence to securities laws. An independent broker-dealer allows financial professionals to offer non-proprietary products, such as mutual funds or life insurance, from a wide variety of companies.

Independent thinking is truly valued by your financial professional and Premier Wealth Management®, which is why they are aligned with one of the most respected independent broker-dealers in the industry, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Cambridge’s service oriented culture is driven by its core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility and kindness.  Since its inception in 1981, Cambridge has continually put the objectivity of its financial professionals first to ensure the long-term success of the industry, financial professionals, and clients.